Bill Powell Profile

Technical business professional with a
broad range of experience in
operations management, business
development, and marketing in the
oilfield services and technical services
sectors, including technical software
and consulting services

As an active leader in the industry he
has worked with E&P companies and
oilfield service companies to identify
and address technical issues that
impact business performance.


Schlumberger Data & Consulting
Services, Business Development
Manager / Marketing Manager, North

S.A. Holditch & Associates Inc. Vice
President Marketing
Bill Powell
Chief Executive Officer

Proprietary technology is the great
differentiator. Monetizing intellectual
property is the key to success for a
technology-based business.

"Businesses based on intellectual
property (IP) have been estimated to
produce 72 percent more value per
employee than non-IP businesses"
- Shapiro and Pham, 2007

Common types of IP include patents,
trademarks, copyrights, and trade

The EnerCircle IP network includes
professionals, managers, executives
and investors with successful
experience growing intellectual
property-based energy businesses
EnerCircle IP Ltd
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