Satish K. Kalra, President

    Dr. Satish K. Kalra is a petroleum engineer with over 25 years of
    management, operations, teaching, research, and consulting experience
    with national and private oil companies.    As an Associate Professor of
    Petroleum Engineering, he taught graduate and undergraduate students
    at the University of Southwestern Louisiana, Lafayette.  He also worked for
    the University of Texas at Austin.  His career includes assignments with
    ONGC ( National oil company of India), ARCO Offshore (now BP), BJ
    Services, Agio Oil and Gas, Schlumberger/Holditch, Miller and Lents and
    SKAL-TEX Corporation. Dr. Kalra is widely published in the technical
    literature and was the Chairman of the National SPE Committee on

His technical expertise includes the design and supervision of production and well completion operations,
formation damage and sand control, reservoir management, technology transfer and contract
negotiations.  He actively participated in several technology transfer agreements with various Indian,
Chinese, and Russian companies.  He attended Gubkin Oil Institute, Moscow Russia, (1977-80) and holds
degrees in Petroleum Engineering (M.S. and Ph.D.) and law.  He is fluent in the English and Russian
languages.  Recently he was nominated as a member of the Russian Academy of natural Sciences US

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